Mens Hair Care Basics

Mens Hair Care Basics

Regardless of hair type, hair does play a major part in the men’s overall appearance.  Having an understanding of hairstyles and basic hair care is an essential step in the grooming process.  Fortunately, good hair care relies on cleaning, conditioning, styling and safeguarding it. Follow these simple suggestions of good hair care and in return you will have a stronger and healthier head of hair.

On a regular basis wash your hair with a good shampoo that is gentle enough for day-to-day use. Look for shampoos that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E or even Panthenol to help strengthen and nourish the hair follicles.

You don’t want to ever overly wash your hair.  Washing hair more than once per day can usually strain hair follicles, which can cause them to deteriorate and break.  Plus, it can also cause an oilier scalp as your skin tries to make up for it for the moisture getting washed away.

If your hair is very thin or fine, you may wish to shampoo on alternate days to avoid stressing out the hair. The key is to continue to keep hair clean and totally free of buildup without causing damage.

After washing the hair, rinse it with cool water until all the shampoo is gone. An accumulation of shampoo cannot just cause an itching scalp, but it can also dull hair and even damage it.

Next, adding a conditioner to your hair care routine can help especially if your hair is very dried out or fragile. Conditioning will help replace lost moisture levels making hair more manageable.  Nonetheless, most men really don’t need to use conditioner if they treat it delicately and use helpful hair products.  Plus, too much conditioning or not rinsing out the conditioner fully away can also create build-up and oiliness.

Having regular haircuts will get rid of the dead ends from the hair and continue to stimulate healthy hair growth.    Furthermore, it is recommended to use appropriate hair products for whatever type of hair you have; dry, thin, thick, oil, curly or even thinning hair.  If you are uncertain of what hair type you have, ask your hair stylist.

Men’s hair styles continuously change often, but for those men who have thinning hair or hair loss, a short hairstyle tends to be best. If you keep your hair long, make sure to keep it clipped and groomed. It is a good idea to keep the hair trimmed and styled on a consistent basis to look good.

Protect your hair and scalp from hard chemicals and drying agents by rinsing your hair with cool water quickly after swimming. This will protect against follicles from getting dried out and damaged.  It is recommended to wear a hat whenever you’ll be in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

For more hair care tips for men, please visit or ask one of our stylists when you visit us.


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