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To change your hairstyle from good to great is quite simple. One of the easiest and most influential ways to perfect your hair style is to use the proper hair products. From gels and shampoos to hair spray and styling cream, you’ll be surprised how these products can change your entire hair style.
GQ came out with their 2018 list of best hair products for men. As men’s hairstylist who work with all kinds of hair styles daily, we selected the top products that we think are most important for styling. First, every man needs gel. For high hold and high shine, we encourage every man with long hair to always have gel. Gel is best for locking loose hairs in place when they seem to stick out or to comb back the sides of your hair to form a specific look. Next, we recommend having a bottle of dry shampoo to use once every couple of days. Dry shampoo is designed for volume, texture, and mattifying. Shampooing daily can dry out hair and can eventually negatively impact the health of your hair. Dry shampoo will absorb excess oil from the scalp and hair, which allows you to have an extra day without shampoo, which serves as a benefit for you in the long run. In addition to gels and shampoos, get yourself some hairspray if you’re looking for a high hold with low shine. Hairspray is best used when applied after you have styled your hair. It will hold hair form and large amounts of hairspray isn’t necessary for great performance. Lastly, for men with hair 3 inches or longer, styling cream is essential. Styling cream forms your hair into a specific direction and it feels like nothing is even there.
These products are some of the most common and most popular among all men with great hair styles. Different brands work better with different hair qualities and hair care behavior so giving you the “best” brand is only putting our diverse customer base at a disservice. Brands and products are unique to you, and we strive to help our customers understand that the best brand for you is different than the best brand for someone else.
If you want to understand more about which brands and which products are best for your hair and hair style, come to The Headgame as our stylists are experienced, knowledgeable, and would love to help you with your hair styling needs.

Hair Products for Men

Mens Haircuts | Roseville | Lincoln | Rocklin | Granite Bay


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