Avoid These Ingredients

Avoid These Ingredients!

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A healthy head is a happy head. The healthier your head is the easier your life will be. What do we mean? We are talking about the products that you choose to put in your hair. Be careful as common ingredients in hair products can be very harmful to your skin, head, and hair. Today we are going to highlight three ingredients that you should avoid. To begin, stay away from phthalates. Phthalates help reduce stiffness in products like hairsprays, allowing them to form a flexible film. However, they interfere with your endocrine hormones, which is bad news for your hair. Phthalates are often disguised as fragrance or perfume so be careful and read the labels! You also want to stay clear of sulfates. Sulfates are used as cleansing or foaming agents in many hair products. They can be drying to the scalp and strip hair from its natural moisture. Some concentrations have been found to cause moderate irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions. Lastly, do not trust any product with parabens! Parabens are a preservative, and they are widely known as a big no-no. They are used to prolong the shelf-life of hair products. Like phthalates, they are also endocrine disruptors. When absorbed by the body, parabens put your endocrine system and the health of your hair at immediate risk. These three ingredients are very harmful and unhealthy. The best way to go is natural. There are so many products out there but keeping it as simple as possible is your best bet to ensure you know exactly what is going on your scalp. Read the labels, stay far away from ingredients like phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and go with the natural products. Your skin, your head, and your hair will thank you. For more information on safe hair products please reach out to us here at The Headgame.


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