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Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?

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There is so much information out there about hair styling, hair cutting, hair care, and much more. So many products. So many professionals in the industry. So many opinions. The more information you have the better but with that comes the risk of exposure to fake news. Today we are going to debunk some of the myths that you often here when it comes to your hair.

You will often hear that cutting your hair frequently will make it grow faster. It is widely believed that a haircut every 4-6 weeks will speed up the hair growth process. This is so far from the truth. Hair growth occurs at the roots, not at the ends. Cutting the ends of your hair does not actually affect the follicles that make your hair grow.

You have also probably heard the myth that you should not shampoo your hair every day. Says who? Shampooing frequency should be determined by you and only you! A “healthy” amount is different for everybody. It depends on your hair type, hairstyle, and even lifestyle. For example, if your hair is oily and you do not like it, wash it! If not, skip washing it! It is that simple. There are different shampoo products that are made for people’s different preferences so do not get caught up in this myth. Everyone’s hair is different!

Lastly, the saying “stress causes gray hair” is one that almost all of us have heard before. Although there is some truth behind it, graying is a multivariable equation that is mostly determined by genetics and age. So, you can thank your parents and older years for this one. Hair color comes from both parents through the chromosomes passed onto their child. As you age you naturally produce less melanin which causes new hair to come in gray. So, squish this myth as stress has very little to do with your hair color.

There is so much you can learn about your hair and how to care for it but it can be hard to pin point what is true and what is not. Take these truths above into consideration when researching and do not be fooled by some of the fake news you might see out there!

If you have any questions about your hair please reach out to your hair experts here at The Headgame!  


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