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Post Pandemic Hair Styles

Post Pandemic Hair Styles

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This year is definitely an improvement compared to last year. Vaccines are rolling out a lot quicker, the economy is opening back up, and families are able to gather and visit safely once again. That means you are going back out into the public and need to get your look right. Today we are going to highlight some of the trendiest post pandemic hair styles for men for you to consider during your next visit!  If you have never let your hair grow long, try it out! Long hair styes for men are becoming an ever more frequent sight.

If you have a thicker, fuller crown, then this might be the style for you. Longer hair is versatile. It comes with a strain of lusciousness that no other style can offer. Maintaining this hair style can be time consuming compared to shorter hair styles but the look you will be rocking is well worth it. 

Growing out Afro hair is also a trend right now. This hair style calls for long but not down to your shoulder long, rather outwards long. Afro hair is more brittle than Caucasian and Asian hair, meaning you will need to use deep moisturizing treatment more often as it grows. Growing out Afro hair can be tricky as it is longer than it appears. It tends to be quite curly which can disguise the true length as it is growing, so you have to be patient. The cool thing about this hair style is that you can wear it so many ways once you have the proper length. Braids, twists, wild and free, you name it. 


The third hair style you might want to consider is the “longer on top” cut. Everyone can rock this hair style. It can be adapted for pretty much any hair type. This is a classic scissor taper with square layers on top. The key feature is the taper. This can be cut with a little graduation, or if you have the length on top the angles can be made more extreme. If your hair is thick then you do not have to go too tight. With this hair style a little hair cream can give the hair a slight hold or if you want something a little bit slicker then matte clay or pomade will do the trick for the length and ends. 


If you have not cut your hair since the beginning of the pandemic, your hair is probably really long and that means you have various options to choose from. Be creative. Try something new. Come on in and let us help you out with your new, confidence boosting, post pandemic hair style here at The Headgame! CONTACT


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