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More Tips For Proper Hair Care

More Tips For Proper Hair Care

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Caring for your hair properly isn’t as simple as it sounds. Shampoo, rinse, dry and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. It’s the little things that count and that is why today we are going to give you more tips on how to properly care for your hair.

If you are like most men, hair thinning is pretty much inevitable. Once you hit your thirties and forties, get ready because like the rest of your body your hair will begin to change. The best way to combat this is to know how to handle it. To make your hair look thicker and more manageable, use a matte styling paste or clay. Matte products are great because they absorb light and instantly make hair appear a little thicker. Use organic and natural products if you can.

Another pro tip is to understand what kind of scalp you have. Caring for your hair has a lot to do with caring for your scalp. Your hair follicles can be of different thickness and of different shapes resulting in straight, wavy, or curly hair but the strands themselves aren’t actually living. Therefore, proper hair care starts at the scalp. Keep it hydrated and healthy and your hair will follow suit.

Lastly, we’ve said this in the past but we’ll say it here again only because it’s so important: chill out. Regular stress can tighten the scalp and cause hair thinning. In the same way that your teeth are only as good as your gums, your hair is only as good as your scalp. To de-stress and boost circulation to the scalp regular exercise and even stimulating head massages will go a long way.

Caring for your hair is so important and we want all of our customers to know how to care for it the right way. Take these tips into consideration and you and your hair will be much happier! For more information, please reach out to us here at The Headgame.

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