Haircuts for Business Professionals

Haircuts for Business Professionals

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As you prepare for a business interview, what is one of the first things you do to make sure your appearance is spot on? You probably go out and get a haircut. White collar jobs emphasize a clean haircut to maintain professionalism and class. From CEOs to new college grads, it has always been important to look your best as you are a representation of the company that employs you. Getting a haircut is simple. Walk into a hair salon and sit down. The hard part is choosing the right style. For business professionals, here is a list of hair styles that we recommend.

Business professionals can never go wrong with a shorter hair style. Shorter haircuts are easy to maintain and give off a look that strikes the fine line between professional and stylish. Buzz cuts with slight fades along the side are popular amongst the younger generation. A buzz cut never fails to impress for business professionals.

If you are not a fan of the buzz cut and want a longer length on top, the Ivy League is one of the most classy and elegant looking styles. The longer hair on top pairs with a side part as it is a trademark element of a businessman. Sides can be a simple trim or a taper fade depending on what look you are going for. The Ivy League is easy to maintain but requires more work than a buzz cut. For a lengthier hair style go for the Ivy League.

For those who prefer extra long hair and like styling it a specific way every morning, the slick back is a haircut that is striking and creative. To achieve the slick back look, trim your hair to your desired length. Remember it must be long enough to gel. After a nice trim, apply gel and run your fingers through the top of your hair to even it out. Then comb your hair in the direction of your choosing. That is all it takes to perfect the slick back.

Understanding the difference in these hairstyles will help you narrow down the look that works best for you in your profession.  For more tips on business professional haircuts, visit us at The Headgame.

Haircuts for Business Professionals
Mens Haircuts | Roseville | Lincoln | Rocklin | Granite Bay

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