What Not To Do

What Not To Do

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So much of your confidence stems from your appearance. So much of your appearance comes from your haircut. Today we are going to go over what you should steer away from if you want to keep your confidence and appearance up to a high standard.

Do not wait too long for a trim or a haircut. Sure, this depends on what length you like to keep your hair but in general try your hardest to not skip your hair appointment. Celebrity hairstylist Amy Komorowski tells Men’s Fitness that she recommends that most men get haircuts about once a month. Doing so will keep your look consistent and with consistency comes confidence and comfort.

Next, please do not dye it yourself. Dying your hair at home can be disastrous. At-home coloring is a big no-no. Go to a professional because not only are they professionally trained to dye your hair but they will also provide things like offering the right shade for your skin tone. Professionals will not over color your hair and you will not risk turning your hair too dark. Consult a professional and do not dye your hair at home.

Lastly, this one might be the toughest but do not work against your male pattern baldness. Embrace it, love it, and rock it! Even if you are younger and experiencing balding that is ok. There are plenty of things you can do to boost your confidence. A simple adjustment being changing your clothing style accordingly. If you are self-conscious about being bald, draw attention to your clothes until you build your confidence back up. There is no shame in being bald and the last thing you should do is style your hair in a manner that exacerbates your thinning hair. As we said before, rock it! Trust us, you can pull it off and look great!

As hairstylists we know what goes into confidence, appearance, and caring for your hair properly. Take these tips into consideration and come in and talk to us if you have any questions. We are here and always happy to help.

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