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Everybody rocks a different haircut. That is what makes a haircut so cool. No two are the same. Sure, there are similar styles but at the end of the day no two look exactly alike. But the question is, when is it time for a haircut? Well, if you want to maintain your haircut the right way, it all depends on what kind of hairstyle you are going for and your desired length. Today we are going to put together a guide so you better understand how often you should get your haircut.

If you like rocking the short buzz cut, skin fade, or crew cut style then you will be visiting your hair stylist quite often. If you want to maintain that short cut look then you should be getting a haircut every three to four weeks. Sure, it is not an exact science and it also depends on how fast your hair grows but if you want to keep it short and looking clean, expect to get your haircut about once a month.

If you are a medium length haircut type of person then we would recommend visiting your hair stylist about every four to six weeks. The important reason for getting your haircut regularly is to maintain a nice shape. With a medium length haircut, the important thing is maintaining the details. You want to keep the edges tidy, you want to keep the neck hair out of the way, and you want to keep the right blend where it goes from short to long. You will not have to get your haircut as often but if you choose to rock a medium length haircut, expect to visit your hair stylist every one to two months.

If you are a long hair man bun type of person then you probably will not see your hair stylist more than a few times a year. However, even when you want to grow your hair long, regular haircuts should be considered. Your hair will grow naturally and cutting it might seem counterintuitive, but gradually working toward your desired hairstyle is the best way to achieve the end result.

If you want to change your haircut to a completely different style and length, first of all, do it! We encourage you to try different things. At the same time, take these tips into consideration. Caring for a different style and length might be unfamiliar to you so read up and be prepared if you want to make the change!


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