Carbon vs. Stainless Steel

Carbon vs. Stainless Steel

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One of the unique things that we now offer at The Headgame are straight razor shaves. Using a straight razor has many benefits and we discussed those last month here on our blog. Today we are going to talk about straight razors again but this time we will go over what makes a high-quality straight razor and the major differences between carbon and stainless steel razor blades.

First, what makes a high-quality straight razor? The best straight razors have an ideal blade-to-handle ratio. This means the blade’s weight perfectly offsets or balances the heft of the handle. Straight razors with good symmetry pretty much guarantee that there is enough tension in the pivot pin. A high-quality straight razor is also made of wood with a full-metal single-edge blade. If straight razors had thinner and lower-quality steel, they would close back into the handle and that instability would not be safe for the user! High-quality straight razors have all of these characteristics.

Now let us get into carbon steel straight razors. Carbon steel is the most popular type of steel especially for knives and blades. Carbon steel straight razors are softer and tougher than its stainless steel counterpart. The softness helps the straight take its shape. They are also easier to hone and require less stropping to get to a shave-ready edge. Most straight razors are made of carbon steel and is known to be the best type to learn with.

Stainless steel straight razors are slightly different. Stainless steel is a harder metal. It takes longer to hone and requires extra laps on the strop. They will hold their edges longer than carbon steel and rusting is less of a concern with this type of steel. These straight razors tend to be more expensive as they have a better aesthetic and feel. More experienced hair stylists and barbers will use stainless steel over a carbon steel razor.

Straight razor blades are so unique and we could talk all day about the different qualities, makeups, and types. If you are interested in a straight razor shave or if you have questions regarding what a straight razor shave entails please stop by and visit us here at The Headgame. All new clients are welcome!

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