Best Long Hair Products For Men

Best Long Hair Products For Men

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Who says that men can’t rock a long hair style? Definitely not us. If you’re not a buzz cut or short on the sides and long on the top kind of guy that is perfectly fine. We actually love it and so should you! That being said caring for long hair requires more effort and often times extra product but that’s why we’re here today. We’re going to list out three products that you can use if you have long hair.

Find a good styling cream. Styling cream is one of the most popular hair products for men with long hair. It adds volume and fullness to any style. Most styling creams have a soft and workable consistency that can easily be finger-combed through dry or slightly damp hair. Styling creams with coconut oil, chamomile extract, beeswax, or green tea extract add extra strength to your hair while imparting a light and pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering.

Clay pomade is another great product to use if you’re going for a stylish and sexy look. Clay pomade is great for wavy, curly, thick, or straight hair as it absorbs the oil in your hair so you don’t have a greasy look. If you can find a natural and chemical free clay pomade it will most likely contain ethically sourced beeswax that helps keep your hair in place all day. Because clay pomade is so powerful, you’ll only need a small amount making a pack last you a long time. Clay pomade is a relatively affordable product for the value you get.

Lastly, if you’re looking to boost volume, enhance body, and create the perfect matte finish try hair powder. Hair powder might sound new to you because it’s not a common product but it’s actually trusted and used by hairstylists and barbers everywhere. With a medium hold, hair powder won’t leave flakes or clumps when giving your hair lift. Hair powder is a water-based product with two essential ingredients for hair styling: humectant and powder. Humectant softens hair so it’s easier to comb and powder creates structure without looking greasy or oily. Hair powder works on all hair types and adds lift and thickness to thinning hair without irritating the scalp.

Styling cream, clay pomade, and hair powder are all great products to use if you have long hair. If you can find natural and organic products that are free of harmful ingredients you and your hair will be much happier. Take these products into consideration if you have a longer hair style and if you have any questions please reach out to your hair experts here at The Headgame!

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