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Why a Scalp Massage is Good for your Hair |Roseville | Rocklin | Lincoln | Granite Bay | Loomis | Folsom | Sacramento

Scalp Massage

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Why a Scalp Massage is Good for your Hair

Massage the scalp is really good for the total health of your hair because it emits any tension in the scalp and forehead areas because it will stimulate mental functionality in your head. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to assist with the overall circulation to your scalp and surrounding areas.  With this said, it is certainly one additional part to the health and care of your hair to keep your hair in great shape.  The Sacramento hair stylist professionals at The Head Game can answer your questions regarding the best tips for massaging your scalp.

A scalp massage is something that you can do for your own self that is very easy while relieving tension.  It doesn’t matter where you are when you are giving yourself a scalp massage.  You would be watching TV, reading a book, relaxing, at your desk at work or anywhere.  Of course, the best place would be to do it where you can relax and have access to both of your hands.

You can start your scalp massage by placing your finger tips of both hands right at the center of your forehead and have your thumbs touching your temples.  Doing so will give proper you the best support while doing the scalp massage.

Next, apply pressure by making the pressure firm but yet light, as you press, you then release.  Shift your fingers a little bit more as you go up your forehead closer to the hairline, be sure to raise your thumbs with them. Continue to repeat this method going throughout your scalp.  Keep moving your fingers up and onto the scalp, little by little, repeating until the entire scalp has been massaged.

You can even push extra pressure at the pressure points around the head.  If you don’t know where they are, you can type head pressure points in a search engine to learn where they are.  Applying extra pressure on those pressure points can help relieve aches and tension.

Giving yourself your own scalp and head massage is very easy and healthy.  We believe in giving you the best hair care tips to not only make you the way you want to look but to also help you maintain complete hair care wellness too.  If you need to consult with one of our professional Sacramento hair stylists, visit us at:

Why a Scalp Massage is Good for your Hair


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