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Mens Grooming

Mens Grooming

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Although it may seem simple, a man’s haircut is much more than an errand that needs to be completed on a weekend to-do list. A man’s haircut fuels his confidence and tenacity that must be carried out daily. Like rims on a car, a nice haircut can change people’s entire perception of you. If you are looking for the best men’s haircut in town, the Head Game is the place to be. We promise the perfect haircut and we will leave you smiling when you walk out the door.

Mens Grooming Mens Haircuts | Roseville | Lincoln | Rocklin | Granite Bay

What makes the Head Game unique is that we built our business with a specific vision in mind. We are more than a typical barber shop. The difference you will see at the Head Game is that we have built a culture that makes us a barber shop AND the best hangout spot for guys across Sacramento. Our team wants you to have fun here. For example, the Head Game has a bar like area where our gorgeous team members won’t only cut your hair but will also enjoy an ice-cold complimentary beverage with you. This is one of many unique experiences we provide to our customers. This is an “everyone knows everyone” type of environment. We welcome everyone from young men to older folks who want great haircut treatment along with a fun place to spend time.  

Aside from a great experience, we offer you new school or old school services. If you like the new school look and want a bald taper fade with a line-up to impress your date or future employer, our team can do that. If you like the old school style and want the leather seat, razor blade shave, and a head massage our team can do that too. Fades, tapers, man buns, trims, mohawks, you name it and we will make sure it is perfect while you are having a good time.

Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Come in and see us as we have so much to offer our customers other than great haircuts. We value your business and our team promises to give you nothing but the best.

Mens Grooming

Mens Haircuts | Roseville | Lincoln | Rocklin | Granite Bay


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