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Haircut for Men | Roseville Granite Bay Lincoln Folsom

Haircut for men in  Roseville Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Loomis, Folsom

What the Headgame Has To Offer

Times sure have changed since 1960 when getting the basic cut was the ‘in’ thing to do. Now the mens haircut Roseville offers are so advanced it may take a while to decide what it is exactly that you would like done. The thing is there is not too much that has changed. One thing is certainly the same, the smell of a barbershop. I mean the honest and true smell. Do you know what makes up that smell after all?

If you have ever sat back and enjoyed a straight razor shave then I am sure you remember the woody smell of Sandalwood. It is the only shaving cream that true blue barbers used to lather up before they shaved. Not used too much in shops now, but the smell is something you just never forget.

When you are complete with the shave you of course will need to choose between one of many after shave scents. There are scents ranging from orange to lemon all the way to jasmine and even lavender. They may not seem to sound too manly, but the scent is unbelievable and the way they make a clean shaven face feel is remarkable.

Talc is always necessary when the back of the neck or behind the ears is shaved so close. Just by dusting a bit of talc on the areas can relieve much stress tension from the skin. A nice and light smelling talc has been a barber’s best friend for millenniums.

Lastly, I cannot stand to not mention the scent of Barbicide. You know the light blue liquid in the canisters to soak the combs until they are ready to be used. It is that very antiseptic scent that rushes back memories for myself.

Thinking back; it is each and every one of those scents that makes coming to The Head Game a pleasure. It does not feel like a job, it feels like a pleasure.

Mens Haircut Roseville Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Loomi, Folsom


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