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A widow’s peak is a distinct V-shaped hairline that sits around the center of the forehead. A widow’s peak is genetic and there is not a great deal that you can do to change it. That being said, there are tricks that you can try to minimize the appearance and disguise your widow’s peak. Today we are going to go over some of those tricks! First and foremost, do not shave it off. Shaving it off to try and get rid of it will cause an unnatural appearance, especially when the first pieces of regrowth start to show. The best thing you can do is simply find a hairstyle that you like with a widow’s peak and go from there. Hairstyles of all lengths work well with a widow’s peak. For example, longer hairstyles like the pompadour or a slick back work great. A pompadour is a perfect on-trend style for those with a widow’s peak. This hairstyle works because the V-shaped hairline works to enhance the appearance of the pompadour, bringing it forward to the forehead. With a slick back a widow’s peak can provide a surprisingly stylish look. Incorporate your widow’s peak as the start of your slick back and pair it with a confident attitude! Many people pull this off and it looks great. If you like rocking a shorter hairstyle then that is fine! Tapered sides are great for making the hair on top of your head look longer and fuller by comparison. A taper fade will graduate from a longer length to a short crop and looks great when paired with a widow’s peak. Same thing with your classic military buzz cut. It can work even with a widow’s peak! A short and sharp buzz cut will take the attention away from your hairline and redirect it towards other parts of your appearance like profound facial features or maybe the suit you are wearing. If you want people to focus on everything but your hair then a simple buzz cut might be your best choice. A widow’s peak is not something to be ashamed of. It is part of you and you can pull it off regardless of what anyone tells you. Work with your hairstylist because they will help you figure out your best look with any type of hairstyle.


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