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Dealing With Dandruff

Dealing With Dandruff

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If you have dandruff you know that it is no fun to deal with. From the itching and flaking to being uncomfortable and embarrassed, there is no doubt that dandruff can be bothersome. That is why we are here today! We are going to give you tips on how to deal with dandruff.

First you can try different solutions like tea tree oil, coconut oil, or even aloe vera. Tea tree oil has powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate symptoms of dandruff like itching and flaking. Coconut oil is a natural remedy for dandruff and is as effective as mineral oil in improving skin hydration when applied as a moisturizer. Aloe vera is also a good solution because it has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that protect against dandruff. When applied to skin, aloe vera helps treat skin conditions such as burns, psoriasis, and cold sores.

Another thing you might want to try is avoiding certain foods. Some foods that you might want to limit or cut out entirely are foods with refined carbs, processed foods, fried foods, and foods high in sugar. There needs to be more research to really determine whether or not there is a significant relationship between diet and dandruff but limiting consumption of certain foods like the ones listed above will relieve inflammation which may help improve scalp health.

Lastly, minimize your stress levels! Stress affects many aspects of health and wellness. It influences everything from your physical condition to your mental health. Stress does not cause dandruff but it might worsen symptoms like dryness and itching. Reduce your stress by meditation, exercise, or aromatherapy.

Dandruff is a difficult problem to deal with. A solution for someone else might not be the right solution for you so try different things out. Next time you start spotting flakes, try a few of the natural remedies above to support scalp health and decrease dandruff naturally.

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